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The walkers were once simple glooth driven machines that required an skilful operator to be used as transports. They were anther application of techniques learned in the creation of the glooth golems and similarly ill understood in their design principles. Yet they were by far more simple and reliable. This all changed when famous inventor Jaccus Maxxen returned from a years long travel through the world. The man that formerly was seen as shy and reclusive if not a bit strange returned as a changed man. People say a strange fire burnt in his eyes, a feverish shimmer that probably foreshadowed the things to come. He never spoke about the things he had seen or learned in his travels. All that he gave away were strange mocking comments about the futility of life and the things that foolish humanity had yet failed to grasp. In his first and last appearance before the conclave of scientists after his return he delivered a feverish speech so full of insults and hatred that he had to be removed after less then five minutes. He retreated into his laboratory never to be seen again. For month there was no contact with the outside world and by day and by night there was a constant noise of work and machinery. After a while the officials became more and more suspicious and sent a task force to bring Maxxen to the conclave. They went to his laboratory and demanded that he came out. After they git now answer they begun to pry the doors open, only to see them trust wide open from inside. What emerged though was not Maxxen himself but a veritable army of riderless walkers that were augmented with additional weaponry. The machines broke through the city guards and left a trail of blood and destruction through the city before they parted and vanished out of the city. Maxxen himself was never found, only a bunch of burned notes remained from him. Some assume that he vanished in the chaos, using one of the walkers as a mount. Others claim the guards found certain gruesome evidence that suggested otherwise but they were forbidden to talk about. The Maxxen walkers are still encountered at different places, seemingly following some discernible agenda. Although they are ordered to be destroyed on sight even after years there is a considerable number of them around so that it is impossible that all remaining walkers are part of the first batch that escaped the laboratory. How and where new autonomous walkers are built is yet another riddle in the strange story of Jaccus Maxxen.

Walkers have 3000 hitpoints. They cannot be paralyzed. Moreover, they are strong against death, earth, fire, holy, ice and physical damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Walkers yield 2200 experience points. They carry gold coins, metal toes, platinum coins and sometimes other items with them.

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