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Lamassu have the body of a bull, feathered wings and a human head. The noble and stern creatures are a subspecies of the Anuma, magical beasts that inhabit the continent Kilmaresh and were created by the sun gods Suon and Fafnar.

It is said that the entire continent was once given to them by the gods. But the Anuma conferred the dominance over Kilmaresh to the humans, in an effort to let them take responsibility of their own. However, after the religious war between the worshippers of Suon and Fafnar and the cataclysm that severed the continent, the Anuma took the reign over Kilmaresh back - for the humans' own benefit as they said.

Lamassu are willing to assist mortal creatures in combat, if they are convinced that those under their protection are worthy and pure of heart. They never shy away from a conflict and will fight to the last breath rather than to retreat or surrender. Lamassu are capable of flight yet prefer to stay on the ground, roaming Kilmaresh's steppe and - more often - ruins. They prefer deserted cities and abandoned temples as their homesteads. Some lamassu even live underground to guard old graveyards and catacombs. They regard themselves as wardens of those ancient sacred sites and won't tolerate any disturbance or sacrilege.

Lamassus have 8700 hitpoints. They are strong against earth and holy damage. On the other hand, they are weak against death damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Lamassus yield 9000 experience points. They carry lamassu horns, platinum coins, red crystal fragments and sometimes other items with them.

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